Founded in 2023

My story is one of inspiration in the world of fashion. Adopted from Brazil in Bahia, I've always aimed for the moon. Like a tireless dreamer, I've turned every challenge into an opportunity, letting my journey tell a story of perseverance and passion. My unique style, influenced by the richness of Bahia, embraces boldness and creativity. Each shirt we create becomes a canvas to express how fashion suppose to be. From Bahia to the international catwalks, I dream of leaving an indelible mark and inspiring others to reach for the moon. "Be you, be fashionable"

Our values

Our values inform everything that we do. From our founding we knew that we had to do everything a little bit differently if were to live up to our own standards.


Our brand celebrates classic elegance, creating garments that transcend eras to be appreciated across time.


We aspire to unite individuals through our designs, offering styles that inspire confidence and bring people together around a common aesthetic.


We're transparent about costs and work with our customers to deliver exceptional value.

"Never stop dreaming, because we aim for the moon, be you, be fashionable"

- acaua -



This is where it all begins ...

Acaua creates its brand in 2023, with the intention of telling its stories through its brand, which is one of its greatest dreams. A vision where quotation and minimalism meet. The idea is to shoot for the moon, to give everyone the chance to be fashionable in their own way.

"A kid from Bahia who never stop dreaming"

timelessness, passion, a love of fashion and the desire to be different are what drive me, with or without you. Let's shoot for the moon together